I received the plaque yesterday. It is very beautiful. Thank you!
It was not easy to obtain such a score but my FTDX-10 is doing a great job, not only putting 80-90W in my Hexbeam antenna but also receiving the weakest signals in the band. I must say that I am also very fortunate to have a great opening towards Indonesia in my QTH, which is permitting me to hear most of the very weak signals coming from there. And, of course, operating as much as possible and reacting very fast to the band conditions brought me additional points.
Thank you so much, again, for the enjoyable contest! I will come again next year.
And congratulations to Alex, LY1R, who, by winning the World competition, permitted me from the second place, to be Europe’s winner. It was his revenge for the Batavia FT8 Contest where he won Europe’s first place because I won #1 World. Best 73 de Sorin – YO8PS

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