MAIN DONORYB0DXAvailable 2021
SO YB WorldWideYB9UAAvailable 2021
SO YB Extra ClassYC1INQAvailable 2021
SO YB Advanced ClassYB0KTTAvailable 2021
SO YB General ClassYD9VEAvailable 2021
SO YB Call Area 0YB2HNDAvailable 2021
SO YB Call Area 1YC1INQAvailable 2021
SO YB Call Area 2YC1AYOAvailable 2021
SO YB Call Area 3YC1AYOAvailable 2021
SO YB Call Area 4YD4SJAAvailable 2021
SO YB Call Area 5YD4SJAAvailable 2021
SO YB Call Area 6YB1DCWAvailable 2021
SO YB Call Area 7YD7VGCAvailable 2021
SO YB Call Area 8YB0DRVAvailable 2021
SO YB Call Area 9YC9LCMAvailable 2021
MO YB WorldWideYB0DRVAvailable 2021
SO DX WorldWideYB0DRVAvailable 2021
SO OceaniaYB0DRVAvailable 2021
SO Asia YC7OIQAvailable 2021
SO EuropeYB1BDAvailable 2021
SO AfricaYC7OIQAvailable 2021
SO North AmericaYC7RVAvailable 2021
SO South AmericaYC7RVAvailable 2021
MO DX WorldWideYE8TPAAvailable 2021

Main Donor

YBØDX (DONNY IMAM PRIAMBODO) is an amateur radio activist since 1991.

It started with the callsign YD3VRO in 1991, when he was still in junior high school, and upgraded to the next level of YC3VRO in 1992.

Electronics and Radio Frequency are his hobbies. Graduated in Bachelor of Electrical Engineering in 1997, he became a Lecturer in Electronic and Digital Engineering until 1999.

He went to Bandung, West Java, become entrepreneur in the field of cellular telecommunications, and in 2006 moved to Central Java, changing the callsign YC2DP.

In 2009 his callsign level was upgrade to YB2DP Extra Class, and in March 2021 he moved to domicile in Jakarta and renewed his callsign to YBØDX.

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