YBDXPI FT8 Contest would be held  on October, 21st 2023; 00:00 UTC – October, 22nd 2023; 23:59 UTC. ( 3rd week October )


For amateurs around the world to contact as many other amateurs in as many Maidenhead Grid Fields as possible using the FT8 modes.


All Amateur Radio Band from 160m – 10m Excluding WARC.


Mode in use only FT8.

FT8 recommended sub-bands:

  • 1.844-1.848
  • 3.590-3.600
  • 7.090-7.100
  • 14.090-14.100
  • 21.090-21.100
  • 28.090-28.100


Contest Exchange

4-character Grid Square.


The final score is the sum of QSO points across all bands multiplied by multiplier across all bands.

 Every station can only have 1 QSO on each band with the same station;

  1. For Indonesian Station:
  • QSO with Indonesian Station, 1 point
  • QSO with DX Station, 2 point
  • QSO with YBDXPI member, 5 point regardless his country
  1. For DX Station:
  • QSO with same country, 0 point, but still can get a multiplier
  • QSO with different country, 1 point
  • QSO with Indonesian Station, 2 point
  • QSO with YBDXPI member, 5 point regardless his country
  1. DUP QSO only count as one QSO and no penalty;
  2. Error in writing exchange, callsign, time difference more than 1 minute and Not In Log (NIL) do not get points and multiplier;
  3. Multiplier:
  • Prefix Multiplier, count as 1 on each band
  • Country (DXCC) Multiplier, count as 1 on each band
  1. YBDXPI member can be obtained at N1MM section list.

Contest Categories:

Single Operator All Band, only 1 person performs all operations in the contest, No restriction on operation time and change band. However, only 1 signal can be emitted at a time.

Multi Operator All Band, several person performs all operations in the contest, No restriction on operation time, change band and emit simultaneously on different bands.

Check log is a log sheet sent by participants but not to be included in the judging.


All participants (except check log) entitled to an electronic certificate which can be downloaded at the following link.

There are also some plaques in the competition. See the list here

Plaques are awarded if there are more than 5 participants in each category

QSO Report

  1. Submit your QSO Logsheet in Cabrillo Format from WSJT;
  2. Make sure to double check header logs, frequency/band, date and time, your opponent callsign, contest exchange in your log sheet are in complete condition;
  3. Incomplete content will cause participants to be redirected to the check log category;
  4. Rename your log sheet with “your_callsign.log”;
  5. Submit your log through you will receive confirmation email and your submitted log could be seen in;
  6. You can resubmit your log if necessary before due date;
  7. The deadline for submitting logs is 7 days from the end of the contest.

 General Rules

  1. You must write the callsign and the same category on the log sheet that you used during the contest;
  2. Participant is allow to use of DX Cluster, but it is forbidden to self-spoting or ask other people to send spots;
  3. Remote operation is permitted as long as the distance between the radio, antenna and other equipment is not more than 500 meters;
  4. Upholding sportsmanship;
  5. In addition, you must also comply with the rules/regulations in your country;
  6. The committee reserves the right to impose disciplinary penalties for violations committed by participants;
  7. The decision of the committee is final.