is very good looking i really want to thank you for it, as for hints, my antenna is a home made 80 meter inverted Vee up 33 meters on my tower fed with home made open wire feeder, it works on all bands 10-80 through my Johnson viking match box tuner, one thing i do before a contest is to erase the wsjt-x log so it has no memory of calls worked then set the colors in wsjt-x to show me new dxcc’s for each band, hope this helps, about the wsjt-x files there are three that i change wsjtx_wisdom.dat, wsjtx.log, and wsjtx_log.adi, i don’t deleted them i just change the name to reg wsjtx.log for all three, then make new files with the correct name but no info inside, when contest is finished i rename them as test wsjtx.log then rename the original files to correct name like wstjx.log and then wsjt-x will be back to original setup and remember all my contacts i had before the contest. enclosed a photo hope it is ok, let me know if you have any other info, i used n1mm logger for logging and doing the cabrillo file you can look at my site http://hs0zoy.com/ and see my tower ant and more, if you have any questions please send them to me, 73 Jerry HS0ZOY/K7VIC

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